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Hey guys. Hope you're all doing well.

Just wanted to give y'all a heads up that I'm probably going to be shutting this account down soon. Won't be updating anymore. I'll be putting everything into storage, I think. No more journals, no more art.

I'll probably keep a few people on my watch list active just to keep up with them. My watchers will all remain on that list; I may not be on all that often, but I would like to be able to pop in now and then and see how you're all doing. I'll be willing to answer if anyone wants to talk. Just drop me a note or a message and I'll get back to you whenever I drop by. Probably once every week or two, unless I have active conversations going.

I apologize to any of you that I've grown close to over the years. For a long time DA was a haven to me. A shelter filled with friends and sources of happiness. I don't feel that when I get on anymore. I log in here and it just feels... empty, I guess. I feel empty. The only reason I really get on anymore is to empty out my inbox and it feels more like an obligation or a chore than a source of enjoyment.

With the direction my life is going now I have way too bloody much on my plate to be wasting time on things that don't provide me with something; be it happiness or productivity. And at this point, even things that provide happiness are probably going to wind up on the back burner. (Not that it matters much.) There's just too much to do...

If anyone is interested at all (though I don't expect it, to be perfectly honest), I do have a Tumblr account I'll be maintaining. I'm willing to give out my username and/or email address to anyone who cares to keep in touch. Just let me know.

Sorry for leaving you guys more or less in the dark on this. I just can't discuss things like this.

Who knows? Maybe one day I'll come back to this. Maybe one day I'll feel at ease enough to explain my motivations. But right now there's just no way.

I just want to take this time to say thank you. To all of you. Whether we're on good terms, or not so good terms. Whether you're my watchers or just a person skimming through by chance. Friends, family, whatever you are. Thank you for being part of my life, for shaping me into the person I've become and that I am continuing to grow into. I've spent most of my life feeling isolated and alone in this world; to a great degree I still do. Looking around on here, I may not feel the same happiness I used to, but I see the fingerprints of memories on everything. Some good, some bad. All of them indications and evidence that there really have been people there for me over the years.
I need those memories right now. I'll need them for a long time running.
Thank you all for being part of them.

I'll miss you all.

Do take care, alright? Try to be happy.

Smile often.

- Jessica

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